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[[Nick lets in Nicole. Nicole is there for a meeting with Fred]]

Nick: Hello, Nicole. Time for another legal consultation with Fred?

Nicole: Hello, Nick. Yes. We'll try to stay out of your way.

Fred: Not to worry. This will be our last session, so we'll be out of your way in a bit.

Nicole: Oh, really? I take it you've had a change of plans?

Fred: I've decided not to sue Trent. It's just not worth the hassle.

Nicole: Personally, I'm glad. What brought you to this decision?

Fred: Well, I've talked it over with Dwayne some more, and I think it's something we can work out. Plus there's too much risk involved. A lawsuit could expose Persephone and me to unwanted scrutiny.
You'll still get paid, of course...

Nicole: Oh, I'm not worried about that. I thought the risk outweighed your vindication. I'm just glad you finally saw that as well.

[[Meanwhile: Trent enters the Law Offices of Stone, Ullman, Cole, Kaufman, Eastwood, and Roland]]

Trent: When I'm done with that blob of snot, he'll be oozing red ink instead of green slime...

{{Year Six: Habeas Dorkus}}

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