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[[Ms. Kaufman, a partner in the law firm, is speaking with Trent at the S U C K E & R offices]]
Ms. Kaufman: It seems like you have a clear-cut case for libel, Mr. Terrell.
Trent: As clear-cut as that fine outfit, Ms. Kaufman.

Ms. Kaufman: However, libel isn't my specialty. I usually handle injury claims.
Trent: No sweat. I think you can habeas my corpus any time.

[[Ms. Kaufman and Trent shake hands]]
Ms. Kaufman: I think I should hand you off to Mr. Coleman, who handles our slander and libel claims.
Trent: If you'd like, we can have dinner, and you can pro my bono afterwards.

[[Ms. Kaufman looks at her hand in disgust, sticking out her tongue as Trent walks away.]]
Ms. Kaufman thinks: I didn't think I could find a creature slimier than another lawyer...

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