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[[Trent is sitting in a cafe, thinking, with coffee and a phone book on the table in front of him.]]
Trent: [[angrily, thinking]] Grrr... I've been laughed out of four law firms TODAY. None of those idiots take me seriously when I say I want to sue a slime mold!

Trent: [[thinking]] And this blasted burg only has so many firms to begin with. At this rate, getting what I want is next to impossible! Hold on... what's this?

[[Close up of a page in phone book; the number is obscured by Trent's finger]]
Phone book page: Do you think getting what you legally deserve is next to impossible? We do the impossible before breakfast! The Law Offices of de la Croix, Edwards, Atlas, & de la Croix. We've never lost a case!

Trent: [[thinking, bemused]] I think it's time for breakfast...

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