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[[Outside the law office]]
Sign: Law offices of de la Croix, Edwards, Atlas, and de la Croix.
Secretary's voice: Can I help you, Mr. ... Terrell, is it?

[[Trent looks angry]]
Trent: I have an impossible case, and no other law firm will take it. I want to speak to your best lawyer as soon as possible.
Secretary: Yes, sir. Down the hall to your left.

[[Trent is outside an office]]
Name Plate: M. DE LA CROIX
Trent thinks: If these people won't represent me, I'll go back to settlign this with a Super Soaker and some bleach...

[[Trent opens the door, but is surprised as he sees Mercedes de La Croix, her legs seductively resting on her desk]]
Trent: Mr. de la Croix, my name is Trrreerrr...

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