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[[Trent looks shaken]]
Mercedes: That's an interesting name, Mr. "Trrerrr." But I doubt that's your name more than I'm "Mr." de la Croix.
Trent: T-trent Terrell.

[[Mercedes, in a tight red suit with a short skirt, is sitting in a slightly turned office desk chair, her legs resting on her desk.]]
Mercedes: Good afternoon, Mr. Terrell. "Mr." de la Croix is my father. _I_ am Mercedes de la Croix. But if you're looking for a ruthless cut-throat lawyer, either of us will respond.

[[Mercedes has a smirk on her face as Trent looks shaken and offended]]
Mercedes: Now are you going to come in and shut the door, or shall I call the janitor to mop up your drool?
Trent: Er... right.

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