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[[Trent is talking with Mercedes, who is looking at a folder.
Mercedes: So over the past several months, youve pointed out to your employer that your coworker's habits threaten the safety of your work environment.

[[Trent is dreaming, Mercedes throws the folder away and opens her jacket]]
Mercedes: When you confronted this coworker about his unhealthy actions, he proceeded to attack your character on his highly trafficked web site.

[[Mercedes undoes her bra while Trent looks on, puzzled]]
Mercedes: This transcript from his blog is pretty clear; this individual committed libel, although some of it is obviously sarcasm.

[[A naked mercedes is in a grinning Trent's arms, and is starting to undo his tie]]
Mercedes: I think we have sufficient justification for a case, and we could pursue this aggressively.

[[Mercedes looks at Trent, puzzled, in reality]]
Mercedes: Mr. Terrell? You seem a little glazed over...
Trent: Oh, I'm fine. So you think this case will reallly work?

[[Mercedes is dreaming; a big bag of money is where Trent is sitting]]
Mercedes: Definitely.

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