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[[Nick and Mercedes de la Croix are in his apartment waiting for her tow truck]]
Mercedes: Thank you for letting me stay here 'til the tow truck arrives. That's very chivalrous of you.
Nick: No problem miss...?
Mercedes: Mercedes

[[Fred and Persephone are hiding behind the chair Mercedes is sitting in, whispering. Persephone is moving towards the edge of the chair. Mercedes is off screen]]
Mercedes: I Know I'm such a pain...
Fred: Persephone! Get back here! Do you want to be seen?
Persephone: But she seems nice...

[[Persephone stops moving towards the edge of the chair
Mercedes: But can I have some more water?
Fred: True, but we don't know her. What do you think might happen if we were...
Nick: Sure

[[Mercedes starts crawling towards the back of the chair]]
Mercedes: Got to stay hydrated, you know.
Fred: Discovered?

{{title text: Habeas Dorkus}}

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