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Mercedes: I can see the tow truck down by my car. Thank you so much for being so kind!
Nick: Good luck, Mercedes.

Mercedes thinking: So Terrell was right. The slime mold is real, talking and all. And if it talks and thinks for itself, who's to say it couldn't write that blog entry?

Mercedes thinking: But how could we sue a slime mold? It's not a person, so it has no rights, no legal identity. The case could be thrown out quickly.

Mercedes thinking: But maybe that's all it takes. We could argue about its existence, about its employment, about whether it has any rights at all. This thing could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Mercedes thinking: And there I'll be, right in the middle of it all. It doesn't matter if I win or lose. This case will make me a household name, and I can finally ditch this town for greener pastures...

Trent: Well? Did you see it? Are you convinced yet?
Mercedes: You, Mr. Terrell, have a lawyer.

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