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[[Scott is talking to Tim and Patty]]
Scott: Are you sure it was Barker? Did you see him with your own eyes?
Tim: Yes! He said hello! Miguel was showing him around so he must work here now!

Scott: Did he recognize you?
Tim: Not that I could tell, no.
Patty: Okay, does this have anything to do with that boys-only geek club you guys were with?

Scott: The Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair was no "club," Patricia. It was the epitome of geekdom. Sadly, it fell to its own short-sightedness, the exclusion of female geeks being only one of many faults.

[[Scott places his hands on the shoulders of Tim and Patty]]
Scott: But we, the new brotherhood, shall not fail. And if he is indeed the one, Barker shall become one with us...
Patty: Did I just get drafted?

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