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[[Three geeks in ties stand in front of old tape drives]]
Scott: The genesis of the brotherhood was humble enough. Loose associations of computer geeks formed at high tech companies and universities through the 1960s and 1970s...

[[Two terminals are connected through a modem link]]
Scott: Through BBSes, arpanet, and ultimately the internet, these isolated pockets of ubergeeks slowly began to coalesce. The most elite hackers began to find each other, despite real world distances...

[[Four members of the brotherhood stand in robes and shadows]]
Scott: Soon we began to isolate ourselves from the noobz, script kiddies, and wannabes. We formed a secret society devoted to the purity of hacking, where only the best of the best could enter.

[[A person sits in front of a computer]]
Scott: All was fine until Google put a near full archive of usenet online. A brother known as "thePROPH3T" analyzed the decades of posts and made a startling revelation: a prophecy hidden between the flame wars and the "me too" posts...

[[A person stands, arms outstretched, between the world and a glowing computer]]
Scott: One day, a hacker will arise like none other, whose skills are without equal. He (or she) will initiate a golden age of geekdom, and lead a revolution of ideas that will transform the computerized world...

[[Patty and Tim are in the office, listening to Scott]]
Patty: Does he always go off on exposition like this?
Tim: Not always, but once he gets started...
Scott: Do you mind?

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