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[[Robed members of the brotherhood stand in conversation]]
Scott: The prophecy of the one was not well received. Many called it rubbish, or at least a bad "Matrix" or "Babylon 5" reference. This was the first sign of fractures in the brotherhood.

[[Scott stands by a computer, hood down]]
Scott: At first I too was skeptical. But then "thePROPH3T" showed me his evidence. As Zero One, the duly elected leader, I made finding the one one of our long-term goals.

Scott: If the one came from the brotherhood (a natural assumption, given our quality of membership), it would place us in an unprecedented position of power, far above the "suits" we usually serve in our day jobs...

[[Patty and Tim are listening to Scott]]
Patty: Not to appear at all interested in where this is going, but what does this have to do with that Barker guy?
Scott: I'm getting to it! Patience, wench!
Tim: Um, she doesn't like to be called "wench."

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