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[[Fooker and Fred are surrounded by robed members of the brotherhood]]
Scott: Barker came to us in November of 1999. He seemed to be a promising initiate, but nothing more. He passed our tests and joined us... only briefly.

Scott: Shortly after his initiation, he insulted us, then spoke the name of the "great evil." He was immediately expelled from the order and became our mortal enemy.

[[A robed Scott faces the down-turned thumbs of the other brotherhood members]]
Scott: It was only then that "thePROPH3T" showed me how closely Barker matched the qualities of the one. I tried to reinstate him, but the brothers had already banned his name from even being spoken.

[[Patty and Tim listen to Scott]]
Patty: The "great evil?" Who's that? Oh, let me guess... Bill Gates?
Scott: Grah! You try my patience, woman!
Tim: Um, she doesn't like to be called "woman" like that either...

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