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[[Tim and Patty listen to Scott tell the history of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair]]
Scott: If I may continue uninterrupted...
Patty: Sor-ry.
Scott: That incident amplified the rift among us. Some in the brotherhood questioned my leadership.

[[Picture of Fooker as a Quake character]]
Scott: Chief among them was Greg, who led a band of brothers in a Quake deathmatch against Barker. I did not sanction the act, but there was little I could do to stop it.

[[Scott faces the brotherhood in council about Sharon]]
Scott: The final straw came when the only other candidate for the one surfaced: Sharon Murphy, also of GPF Software, and a woman. Greg and his followers could not accept that a female could be the one, and called for a vote of no confidence.

Scott: But an RIAA
FBI raid did more damage than Greg ever could. The brotherhood was scattered, and only Tim and a few others came back to me. We have continued our quest in secret... until now.

References: The second panel comes from three-page GPF story in Keenspot's L33T: Comics for Gamers #4. Panel three comes from this strip from "Sister Sharon"
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