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[[Scott tells Patty about the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair]]
Scott: The brotherhood as it began has ended, but the quest for the one has only just begun, and I will continue it with or without the brotherhood.

Scott: Either Barker or Murphy must be the one. Of that I am certain. In all the 'net I have found none to match their skills, and I retained enough resources to make that search thorough.

Scott: We have watched Murphy carefully. She is wise and has done much to protect her networks. Even I have failed to hack into her work or home machines. The one she may be, but she has yet to be truly tested.

Scott: Barker, however, vanished after his murder trial. I never believed in his guilt, but his disappearance is troubling. Wherever he went, he is back, and I will not rest until I know if he is the one...

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