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[[Nick and Ki leave Nick's apartment with luggage]]
Ki: You are up to something. I can tell by the way your ears turn the slightest bit pink.
Nick: Is that so?

[[Nick and Ki are in the departures lounge of an airport]]
Ki: You, sir, are the worst liar I've ever met, and you're lousy at keeping secrets from me. So fess up, mister.
Nick: I don't know what you are talking about.

[[Nick and Ki are sitting in an airplane]]
Ki: I saw that smile! You can try to hide it, but you're lousy at that too! What's this secret you're hiding?
Nick: Must've been gas...

[[Nick and Ki are in the arrivals section of another airport]]
Ki: C'mon! Tell me! Tell me already! Why won't you tell me? Out with it! I wanna know!
Nick: (thinking) That was the most entertaining three hour flight I've ever had...

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