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[Comic for Wednesday, September 15, 2004]


[[Ki hugs her mother at the front door to the Oshiro house]]
Ki: Mama! H?u ma?
Mrs. Oshiro: G?i h?u. H?u ma?
Ki: H?u h?u.

[[Ki presents Nick to her mother]]
Ki: Um, Mama, this is my boyfriend, Nick.
Nick: M?ahn ?n n?ih h?u ma?
Mrs. Oshiro: H?u...

[[Nick gives Mrs. Oshiro a gift]]
Nick: I know that it is not Gwo N?hn, New Years, but I could not find an appropriate greeting reference. So... g?ng h?i faat ch?ih.

[[Mrs. Oshiro hugs Nick]]
Nick: (thinking) Uh... I don't remember researching this online...
Mrs. Oshiro: ?i y?! He is adorable!

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