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[[Mr. Oshiro stands at the top of the stairs, with Nick, Ki, and Mrs. Oshiro at the bottom]]
Mr. Oshiro: Kyoko-san. It has been a long time since you came to visit.

[[Ki is bowing]]
Ki: Sorry, father. Things have been hectic at work lately. But I have been trying to call more often.
Nick: (thinking) "Kyoko?"

[[Ki stands straight]]
Mr. Oshiro: And who is this... gaijin...?
Ki: This is my boyfriend, Nick. Nick, this is my father.

[[Nick bows]]
Nick: Oshiro-sama, I am honored to be welcomed into your home. Konbanwa. Domo arigato gozaimasu.

[[Nick stands and looks through his bags]]
Nick: I have brought you a temiyage gift... if I can find it... um, just a second... I had it a minute ago...

Mr. Oshiro: You say you are honored, gaijin, yet you dishonor me by failing to remove your shoes upon entering my home...
Nick: (thinking) I knew I was forgetting something...

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