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[Comic for Wednesday, September 22, 2004]


[[Mr. and Mrs. Oshiro are in the dining room. Mrs. Oshiro gets out plates and silverware]]
Mr. Oshiro: No silverware.
Mrs. Oshiro: ?

[[Nick, Ki, and Yoshi enter the dining room, Mr. Oshiro stands by the chair at the doorway]]
Mr. Oshiro: Gaijin, you sit here.
Nick: Um, yes sir.

Yoshi: (whispering) You *do* know that being seated by the door makes you the least important person right?
Nick: (whispering) I am painfullly aware, Yoshi.

Ki: (whispering) I was afraid he'd pull something like this...
Nick: (whispering) What?
Ki: (whispering) He's *forcing* you to use chopsticks.

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