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[[Ki has a hot drink as Nick enters the room she sits in]]
Ki: Morning, sweetheart. How did you sleep?
Nick: Not well. The futon had no back support.

Nick: Are your folks awake yet?
Ki: Mom's fixing breakfast, dad hasn't surfaced yet, and I think Yoshi was up all night in the basement.

Nick: I hope I haven't embarrassed you too much...
Ki: Honey, you haven't done anything wrong. Dad, on the other hand...

Nick: I just want to make a good first impression. I love you, Ki, and I want your parents to know how much you mean to me. It's very important to me.

[[Ki kisses Nick]]
Ki: Well, if there's anyone who could win dad over, it's you. I know you've won mom's heart, and that's half the battle. You've put more effort into this than anyone expected.

[[Mr. Oshiro enters the room]]
Mr. Oshiro: You shall refrain from touching my daughter within this house...
Nick: (thinking) Note to self: no PDAs, and I don't mean my Palm...

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