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[[Nick, Ki, and Mr. Oshiro are golfing. Nick is scribbling on his PDA]]
Nick: (thinking) Okay... assuming the slope of the green is three degrees, and the angle of the club head is ten degrees... the ball weighs 52 grams...

[[Nick sticks his finger into the air]]
Nick: (thinking) Take into account the wind... about 2 MPH to the north north east... and the probability of hitting the water hazard is 32.689%...

[[Nick looks back at his PDA]]
Nick: (thinking) Figure in the curvature of the earth... and the air speed velocity of a coconut laden swallow... but would that be African or European...?

Nick: Any idea what the coefficient of friction of grass is?
Ki: (thinking) You can't take the science out of the geek...
Mr. Oshiro: Just hit the ball, gaijin!

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