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[[Ki is in the kitchen with her mother]]
Mrs. Oshiro: You are back! How did things go?
Ki: Pretty bad. Dad was two under par, I was five over, and Nick... was over by an order of magnitude...

Mrs. Oshiro: I meant between father and Nick.
Ki: I know, and the results were about the same. They're so different. They barely spoke, but at least Nick tried. I'm afraid of what will happen next...

Mrs. Oshiro: How so?
Ki: I'm afraid Nick is going to ask dad for my hand in marriage, and dad will go ballistic.

Ki: You don't seem surprised...
Mrs. Oshiro: That your Nick will propose? No. Though he tries, he does not hide things well, which is how you know, I suspect.

Ki: Yeah, I've thought so for a while, but I can tell now that he wanted to honor and appeal to dad first. I'm proud of him and touched for that. I'm just worried it's going to backfire.

Mrs. Oshiro: You know, it is the 21st century. You could ask him first...
Ki: I know, but he's so cute when he's trying to be sneaky...

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