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[[Nick and Mr. Oshiro are talking]]
Nick: Er, um... excuse me?
Mr. Oshiro: You speak of not wasting my time, yet you chatter on like an annoying monkey.

Nick: I'm sorry, sir. I only meant to honor you, not bother you.
Mr. Oshiro: Honor me? You call your incessant groveling "honor"?

Mr. Oshiro: I know your kind, gaijin. You watch japanimation, then you become a fanatic and believe you know all there is of Japan. You speak of honor with only the faintest notion of what it truly is.

Nick: I fail to see what watching anime has to do with this...
Mr. Oshiro: It was your kind that added that annoying "7-zark-7" to "Gatchaman"...

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