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[[Nick and Mr. Oshiro are discussing Nick's desire to marry Ki]]
Mr. Oshiro: Always it is you gaijin who pursue my little girl, thinking her some exotic trophy. Stick to your own kind, and you will be better off.

Nick: Ki was never a trophy to me, and she is old enough to make her own decisions. Race has never been a consideration in our mutual agreement to date each other.

Mr. Oshiro: Then perhaps it should be! You young Americans sicken me, diluting yourselves until you can no longer identify your lineage! You preach diversity while slowly blending your genes to conformity!

[[Mr. Oshiro picks up his cane]]
Nick: And this comes from a Japanese man who married a Chinese woman? How does that make you exempt from your own bigotry?
Mr. Oshiro: That.. is... enough!

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