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[[Nick, Ki, and Mrs. Oshiro are outside the Oshiro residence]]
Mrs. Oshiro: You are injured. Let me get you some bandages...
Nick: No, my lip's split pretty bad. I need to see a doctor...

Nick: There's a hospital down the road. I saw it when we came in. I'll go there. Will you two be okay here...?
Mrs. Oshiro: Yes, although I think it wise not to translate what he is shouting...

Ki: You shouldn't be driving. I'll go with you...
Nick: No. I think that'll only make things worse. You should stay here. I'm fine.

Ki: But my dad practically assulted you!
Nick: And I'm who he's angry with. If you came with me, it would only reinforce his rage.

[[Nick walks to his car]]
Nick: I'll come back later when things have cooled down. I've got my cell phone, so call me. If things don't work out... we'll think of something...

[[Nick drives off]]

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