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[[Ki, Mr. Oshiro, and Mrs. Oshiro are talking]]
Mr. Oshiro: I m-meant the same mistakes we--
Mrs. Oshiro: ?iy?. You are still sleeping on the couch tonight.

Ki: My point is that I don't need nakoudo. I don't need someone to find a husband for me. Nick has brought more joy to my life than anyone. I know I'm making the right choice.

Ki: You two did not have nakoudo; you met here, in America, and you fell in love. You didn't let your differences stand between your love. If Japanese and Chinese can find happiness, then why not Asian and American?

Ki: I'm going to marry Nick, whether you approve of it or not. I hope you can overlook your own intolerances and be a part of this. I want you to see Nick for the wonderful man he is.

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