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[[Yoshi watches Ki and Mrs. Oshiro leave from the second-story railing]]
Yoshi: (thinking) Man, my family is so lame... it's getting to be a regular soap opera around here...

[[Yoshi tosses a small capsule into the air]]
Yoshi: (thinking) But I've got my own problems, like a technological mystery to solve. As long as those losers are busy with their dramas, I can spend time working on things like this...

[[Yoshi looks at the capsule]]
Yoshi: (thinking) This doohickey was in s1r3n's machine, but I don't remember it being in the plans. 'Course, I could easily just not remember it. It is small...

Yoshi: (thinking) Nobody's been down there. Mom and dad wouldn't know what they'd be looking at, and not even Scott has seen that thing. So where did it come from?

[[Yoshi enters his room]]
Yoshi: (thinking) I've got to come up with an answer fast. I don't want to still be figuring it out when--
s1r3n: Hey, there, tiger...

[[s1r3n is sitting on Yoshi's bed]]
s1r3n: Miss me?

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