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[[s1r3n and Yoshi are talking in Yoshi's room]]
s1r3n: You don't look so happy to see me...
Yoshi: I told you in IM. It's a mad house around here right now. Not a good time for a visit.

Yoshi: Besides, I thought you were skipping out of the county with that money we "consolidated"...
s1r3n: Hrmph. That plan didn't work. And that's why I'm here.

s1r3n: My pursuers have stepped up the chase. They've hounded me closer since we last met than before. I'll bet they've had you bugged, and were using you to track me.

[[s1r3n points at Yoshi's capsule]]
Yoshi: Huh? I'm more thorough than anyone in covering my tracks...
s1r3n: Then how do you explain that bug you're holding?

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