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[[Yoshi looks at his capsule and talks to s1r3n]]
Yoshi: That's a bug?!?
s1r3n: Do you remember that "FBI" raid months ago? How "sloppy" they were, missing or ignoring things?

s1r3n: Well, it wasn't the FBI. It's an ultra-covert spy organization, and they are not sloppy. I guarantee everything they "missed" was thoroughly copied and put back where you hid them, so you wouldn't notice.

Yoshi: Th-then all my files...
s1r3n: Relax, kid. They don't care about your file swapping or hacking. They wanted me, and you were an easy conduit.

Yoshi: My files were stolen by government spies. That makes me cooler than Kevin Mitnick...
s1r3n: If I knew who you were talking about, I'm sure I'd be impressed.

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