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[[Yoshi and s1r3n are talking, Yoshi has a bug in his hand]]
Yoshi: Er, sorry, I guess. I didn't mean to...
s1r3n: No sweat, Yoshi. I was the one who was sloppy. Both I and the UGA used you, but at least I'll apologize.

Yoshi: This bug... I found it in the machine I built for you...
s1r3n: It's a tracker. Don't destroy it, or they'll know you found it. But if you ever move the device, make sure that isn't in it.

Yoshi: The device. I did tell you I finished it...
s1r3n: No, you didn't. But now that you have, I'm sorry I made you build it. I should never have involved you.

[[s1r3n looks away and starts to cry]]
Yoshi: Then what do you want me to do with it?
s1r3n: Destroy it, and keep yourself from making the same mistakes I made...

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