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[Comic for Thursday, October 21, 2004]


[[Yoshi and s1r3n are talking]]
Yoshi: So... what are you going to do now?
s1r3n: I don't know. Keep running, I guess, until I'm caught... or I'm dead.

Yoshi: I'll help any way I can...
s1r3n: No. I've put you in danger too much already. I won't risk your life for one as worthless as mine.

s1r3n: I have only one hope left. Somewhere out there, I have a sister who my mother put up for adoption. She may turn me in, or she may help me. I don't know. But she's all I have left.

Yoshi: You can have my sister, for all I care. I certainly don't want her...
s1r3n: Heh... I'd almost love to see Ki's smirk right about now...

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