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[[Yoshi Oshiro and Trudy Trueheart are talking. Trudy is blonde, as a diguise, and she is crying.]]
Yoshi: Um, like, I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm sorry, but I feel like I have to say it...
Trudy: N-no. Not... your fault...

Trudy: Why have I been so foolish? Why have I kept hope where it does not belong? Why can't I see the inevitable when it's right in front of me? Am I so hopelessly blind?

Trudy: Destroy the devide, Yoshi. Destroy everything I sent you and forget we ever met. Clean up your life before you make the same stupid mistakes I made.
Yoshi: But--

[[Trudy starts to climb out the window.]]
Trudy: Just do it, Yoshi. no buts. and don't expect to see me again...

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