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[Comic for Wednesday, November 3, 2004]


Ki: I've been thinking about this little church a few miles from the old GPF building...
Mrs. Oshiro: What colors do you think will work there?

Mr. Oshiro: I know a priest who will happily perform your ceremony, Ki-chan. He will teach you san-sankudo and knows where you may purchase bridal kimono...
Ki: I don't want a Shinto wedding, Dad, nor a Chinese one.

Mr. Oshiro: Sigh... Very well. Since you are old enough and live on your own, you should have the ceremony however you wish to pay for it.
Mrs. Oshiro: Aiya! You will _not_ make your only daughter pay for her own wedding!

Nick: With all due respect, Oshiro-sama, I think you should follow your own advice and leave the planning to them...

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