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[Comic for Friday, November 5, 2004]


Ki: Thank you, Nick. You showed incredible courage this weekend, meeting my parents even as I was warning you about them.
Nick: I'd do anything for you, Ki.
[[Nick and Ki hold hands]]

Ki: I know. And you know I'd do anything for you. I can't wait to tell Sharon, Fooker, and the others about this! And I can't wait until we're finally married even more.
[[Nick and Ki kiss]]

Ki: Good night, Sweetie. Get some rest, since we have an early flight tomorrow.
Nick: Provided the futon cooperates, I will.
[[Nick and Ki hold hands one last time as Nick loosens his tie]]

[[Nick walks by the couch where Oshiro-san is sleeping]]
Nick: Um, Oshiro-sama? Still sleeping on the couch?
Oshiro-san: Go to bed, gaijin.

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