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[[Ki and Sharon are seated at a table in a restaurant. Sharon cradles Ki's hand in hers as she examines Ki's engagement ring.]]
Sharon: Omigosh! It's _gorgeous_, Ki!
Ki: I know! And it's _huge!_ Well, at least my tiny hands make it _look_ bigger!

Ki: The date hasn't been set yet, but you _know_ who my maid of honor has to be...
Sharon: Oh, Ki! I'd _love_ to! I'm honored! I've never been in a wedding party before!

Ki: You can help me pick some colors, then we'll have to find the dresses...
Sharon: I know of a great caterer, and where you can rent some decorations...

[[Both women visibly shake with excitement.]]
Sharon: I'm so excited, Ki! I could almost squeal!
Ki: I know! It's like a virtual explosion of estrogen in here!

[[Something interrupts them and draws their attention off-panel.]]
Ki: Uh oh. Here come the boys...

[[Sharon pretends to be in the middle of a geeky conversation with Ki as Fooker and Nick arrive.]]
Sharon: So then I downloaded a new driver, but I still had to hack the registry to get it to recognize the drive...
Fooker: [to Nick] God, I love geek women...

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