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[Comic for Wednesday, November 10, 2004]


Sharon: You're making me the project lead over KI?
Dwayne: Yes, I know this will be your first lead assignment, but it's a great opportunity.

Dwayne: When we lost Fooker, we lost both a sys admin AND a developer. I know you haven't done much development work, but you did manage some admin projects back at Quantum-Net.

Dwayne: Once we score that big contract we're working on, we'll hire more people and all of our existing staff will move up. I want some experience under your belt before that happens.

Dwayne: So if you manage and Ki develops, that won't be too awkward, will it?
Ki: [[looks awkwardly at Sharon]] Um, sure.
Sharon: [[looks awkwardly at Ki]] Not at all.

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