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Trent: Hey, Nick! Listen to this article comparing male and female managers...
Nick: They actually make a magazine called "Managers Illustrated"?

Trent: It says that since men are used to a hierarchical structure, they adjust quickly to changes in management. But women are born collaborators, and don't adapt as easily to highly structured organizations.

Trent: What's really curious is how strong female personalities react. They adjust more quickly than other women to the corporate world, usually by taking leadership roles.

Trent: But if two strong-willed women are placed on the same team, they often clash and create conflict. Strong willed men, on the other hand, simply fall into line.

Nick: You don't actually believe all that, do you, Trent?
Trent: Eh, who knows? But there COULD be a kernel of truth to it all...

Sharon: Look, this is MY project, so we'll do it MY way!
Ki: Even though YOUR way is so obviously WRONG?
Dexter: [[cowering]] Mommy?

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