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[[Sharon and Ki are sititng on the floor, looking shocked and disheveled]]
Sharon: Th-the project's been _CANCELLED_?
Ki: All that fighting for _NOTHING_?

[[The two regain composure]]
Sharon: I-I'm sorry, Ki. I don't know what came over me. I know I have a temper, but I've never snapped like _that_ before.
Ki: It's okay. I lost my head, too.

Sharon: I'm sorry about the fight, but I have to admit that was kind of _fun_.
Ki: Maybe _all_ project disagreements should be solved via cat fight!

[[Trent arrives with a bucket of mud and a bikini while Nick is looking on, astounded]]
Sharon: If for no other reason but to see the expression on Nick's face...
Trent: Dang it! You let them stop!

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