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[[Ki, Sharon, Fooker, and Nick are sitting around a table, discussing Dexter]]
Sharon: Seriously, I think if we can just get his confidence back up, he'll be back on the dating scene in no time.
Nick: Just who could we set him up with?

Sharon: What about that girl you were telling me about from Regional?
Fooker: Who, Amy? I'm not sure a mattress with hair is exactly Dexter's type...

Sharon: No, not her. The other one, who hangs around with the two guys always stalking you...
Fooker: Oh, Patty! Eh, maybe. But she's sharp, in more ways than one. Dex would need to be on his toes.

Nick: Wait a sec... two guys stalking you?
Fooker: Yeah, they seem to follow me around, watching me. Guess they don't have enough work to do...

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