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Nick: What about that girl from upstairs at Magitek? I've never seen her with a guy.
Sharon: I think that's because she's not interested in guys, though...

Ki: Well, there IS one girl we know who is unattached and desperate for attention herself...
Nick: Oh, no you don't. We're NOT getting TRISH involved in this...

Ki: Okay, so she's a bit ODD. But we ALL are in some fashion. She's a GEEK. And she's female and available.
Nick: And when they first met, she dropped Dex at the city dump with no memories of that night.

Fooker: I guess if you're gonna DUMP him, that's the place to do it.
Nick: He'd just REFUSE her offer anyway.
Fooker: What a WASTE.
Ki: Are you done?

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