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[[Fred the slime mold and Dexter Smith are talking. Dexter is tying his tie.]]
Fred: I don't see why you wanted me to coach you on dating again, Dexter, but I appreciate the break from my legal research...
Dexter: No, thank you, Fred. I appreciate your advice.

Dexter: How is the lawsuit coming?
Fred: We've got a date. Nicole and I are working on my defense. We just need to figure out our strategy. Meanwhile, Trent's as annoying as ever.

Fred: I still don't see what good I'll be in "prepping" you, Dex, especially considering the last time...
Dexter: I need moral support, Fred. And I think you did great. I screwed up last time.

Dexter: Besides, with everyone else meeting me there, I don't have anyone to turn to beforehand to get my confidence up. I need a pre-game pep rally to warm up.

[[Dexter starts to open door.]]
Dexter: I mean, my self-esteem as been pretty low lately, I keep fearing something is going to go horribly wrong... Aw, who am I kidding?

[[Door opens; Trish is there. Dexter is shocked.]]
Dexter: Undoubtedly myself.
Trish: Hi!

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