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Dexter: [[does a double-take]] Um, Trish? What are YOU doing here?
Trish: Oh, Dexter, you big silly! I'm your DATE!

Trish: Ki called me up and told me the gang was setting you up on a blind date, and asked if I would go with you. I was a little reluctant given our, um, HISTORY, but I wanted to give it another try.

Dexter: "Our HISTORY?" You mean how you were "desparate" after Nick spurned you, so you picked me up, then later left me at the city dump with no memories of it?
Trish: [[looks sheepish]] Um, yeah.

Dexter: Sigh... Well, maybe I AM that desperate...
Trish: I'm on medication! I promice "Naughty Trish" won't return unless you get REALLY lucky!

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