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[[Trish and Dexter are going on a date]]
Trish: So where does my big hunk of a date want to go and eat?
Dexter: We're supposed to meet everybody at this fondue place Sharon found.

Trish: MEET them? So this is a DOUBLE date?
Dexter: Triple, actually. And I'm surprised, because I thought I was supposed to meet YOU there too.

Trish: Oh, THAT. Guess I forgot. Say! Why don't we ditch them and go somewhere else on our own?
Dexter: Forgive me, but I think it might be in both our best interests to do the triple date thing for now.

Trish (thought bubble): But I can't brainwash and reprogram you to help me get into Nick's lab with them around, you great tub of lard!

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