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[Comic for Sunday, December 12, 2004]


{{The Trish in this comic is the "evil" Trish}}

[[Together with Ki, Sharon, Fooker and Nick, Dexter is sitting between Patty and Trish, very cramped in a fancy restaurant booth, other guests are vaguely visible in the background. A waiter is tending to them]]
Waiter: I'm sorry to bother you, but since you're so cramped in this booth, would some of you like to move over here for more space?
Dexter: Um, sure. I guess we can move...

[[At the new table, Patty has already taken her place. While Dexter speaks, Trish zooms into Dexter's intended seat, blocking off and pushing away Patty. Trish is smiling very unnatural. Patty looks very annoyed]]
Dexter: Should I sit in the middle, or...
Dexter: Um, never mind...

[[Dexter and Patty are trying to make normal conversation, while a very cheery Trish sits between them, looking over the menu]]
Dexter: So, Patty... You work with Fooker, right?
Patty: Well, we...
Trish: Would you like steak or lobster, Dexter?

[[Dexter and Patty are still trying to make conversation, but are rudely interupted as Trish suddenly force-feeds an unexpectant Dexter. Trish is still overly cheery]]
Patty: Jason said you're really a bookworm...
Dexter: Yep, I--MRF!
Trish: Here! This shrimp is ready!

[[Once more, cheery Trish cuts off the conversation, this time blocking with a plate of vegetables]]
Dexter: So do you read a lot? What do you like?
Patty: I'm into--
Trish: I fished out some veggies!

[[Trish is now physically walling off Patty with a dessert-menu. Patty looks very annoyed with the menu in her face, as does Dexter with Trish's behaviour]]
Trish: Care to look at the dessert menu, Dex?
Patty: They don't serve Humble Pie, do they?

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