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[[Dexter is following Patty through the restaurant. He is looking sad and apologizing to her. Patty's back is turned to Dexter as she walks away. Nameless restaurant-guests are in the background]]
Dexter: Patty, I'm really sorry about Trish. She wasn't even supposed to be here...
Patty: No, she's only PART of the problem...

[[Close-up shot of Patty, with Dexter behind her. Patty is looking away from Dexter. More nameless guest-shapes in the background]]
Patty: Look, Dexter... I'm sure you're a really nice guy, but I'm not really into this. It's not you; It's me. And I wish that didn't sound as corny as it just did.

[[Focus shot of Patty against a completely blank background. Patty is looking apologetically]]
Patty: I came as a favor to Jason. But I'm... I'm not really looking for a relationship right now. To lead you on would be a disservice to YOU, as well as to put me somewhere I'm not ready to go back to just yet.

[[Patty is leaving the restaurant, talking over her shoulder to Dexter. Only the rear of Dexter is partially visible, head and shoulders hanging down in defeat]]
Patty: I'm sorry, Dexter. You are a friend of Jason's, so maybe we can be friends some day. But THIS... just isn't what I'm up to yet.

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