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[Comic for Wednesday, December 15, 2004]


{{The Trish in this comic is the "evil" Trish}}

[[We see Dexter looking sad and defeated, turned away from the exit where Patty is leaving, only her back visible]]

[[Trish is looking angrily at Dexter, putting on her coat. The vague forms of Nick and Ki are visible in the background]]
Trish: Well, now I see just how important _I_ am to you. Leave ME at the table while you go chasing after HER! Hmpf!

[[Dexter is looking angrily at Trish's turned back as she leaves]]
Trish: You may have started this date off with TWO women, but it looks like you'll end it with NONE. By the way, I DON'T do Dutch.

[[Dexter grasps his face with his hand in defeat and sadness. In the rear Nick and Ki are looking sympathetically at Dexter]]

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