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[[Dexter is hanging over his table, his head resting on his folded arms. A waiter is tending to him, and we only just see a corner of the mysterious head from the previous comic still peering over the bench]]
Waiter: Can I get you anything else, sir?
Dexter: Just start at the top of the dessert menu and keep 'em coming until I explode.

[[The mysterious head now comes up fully behind Dexter, unveiling herself to be Lynn. Lynn looks genuinly happy to see Dexter]]
Lynn: Dexter?
Lynn: Dexter! Hi! It's me, Lynn! Remember me? From the speed dating place?

[[Shot of Dexter from over Lynn's shoulder. Dexter is casting her a very intense, cold "Go away, I'm not in the mood" look]]
Dexter: Oh, yes. Quite distinctly. You broke off our second date by announcing your quickie wedding in Vegas. What are YOU doing here?

[[Frontal shot of Dexter with his "not in the mood" gaze, his back turned to Lynn. Lynn has folded her arms on the bench, and rests her chin on it.]]
Lynn: Drowning my sorrows in chocolate. My former Swedish bodybuilder left me for a Norwegian bikini model. How SHALLOW can that get?

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