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[[Sharon and Fooker are walking past an office building. Snow covers the ground and coats ledges on the building and surrounding shrubbery, but the sidewalk is clear. As Fooker and Sharon speak, their breath condenses.]]
Fooker: So this is GPF's new digs, huh?
Sharon: Yep! We're on the second floor.

Fooker: Looks kewl. Looks like you actually have more space than the old place...
Sharon: Dwayne's talking about renting the fourth floor when you come back...

[[A snowball hits the back of Sharon's head, knocking it forward. Sharon's eyes close tightly, as if from shock or pain. Fooker's face displays surprise.]]

[[Fooker and Sharon look behind them. Fleuel, Sato, and Patel sneer at them from behind a snow-covered hedge. Fleuel, standing on the left, holds a snowball. Fooker's expression is neutral. Sharon's eyes look angry.]]
Fooker: Friends of yours?
Sharon: Not quite. Other sys admins in the building...
Fleuel: Hey, "Smurphy!" Shoulda had your firewall up!

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