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[[Sharon walks with Fooker, explaining the situation]]
Sharon: Ever since Trent set up that open Wi-Fi hotspot last year, those three have been riding my case.
Fooker: They're not worth it, red.

[[Sharon is hit from behind by a snowball]]
Fooker: They're three bullied nerds who grew up and want a chance to bully someone else. Ignore them and they will get bored and go away.

[[A snowball flies above Sharon's head]]
Sharon: You _know_ about my temper. I'm _this_ close to losing it.
Fooker: "A soft answer turneth away wrath"

[[Another snowball hits Sharon]]
Sharon: That's quite a pacifist approach coming from a former secret agent.
Fooker: I wouldn't have been much of a _secret_ if I went in guns blazing all the time.

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