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[[Sharon and Fooker are outside the GPF building with the other sysadmins]]
Fooker: C'mon, Sharon. We've had enough of this.
Sharon: I am not backing down, Fooker!
Fleuel: Fooker?!

Fleuel: You're not the Fooker? The legend Fooker, from all the sys admin news groups and mailing lists?
Patel: The Fooker who went to jail for murder?!

Sato: No, wait. That was a robot that went around shooting people.
Fleuel: Oh, yeah. I guess this guy isn't much to talk about anyway.

Fleuel: I mean, if he was on the run all that time, I'd bet his skills are way out of date. He's probably still on the Linux 2.4 kernel....

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