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Alan Sedgewikki: You mean Mercedes de La Croix is your OPPONENT in that case?
Nicole Duncan: Yes! Now look for another table! Fast!

[[Nicole looks around for another table]]
Alan Sedgewikki: Man... I wouldn't want to be at the bench next to HER. I hear she's a real hellcat in the courtroom...
Nicole Duncan: You're NOT helping...

Alan Sedgewikki: I once heard she made Judge Oaliriff CRY. That man's never shed a tear in sixty years!
Nicole Duncan: Those two are getting up! No... they're just readjusting...

[[Alan and Nicole move to sit with Mercedes]]
Alan Sedgewikki: Thank you for sharing your table with us, Mercedes.
Mercedes de La Croix: Oh, my... you're eating THAT? Nicole, dear, we need to talk about calories...

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